Sun Chemical developing new range of colors

Sun Chemical is developing a new range of colors, combining existing and new technologies to create new looks. By using its Fanchon yellows, Perindo maroons, Palomar blues, some mica exteriors and Benda Lutz metallic pigments, Sun Chemical is redefining color for its customers.

“We are seeing colors that you wouldn’t expect – the design study is our way of updating the rules on color formulation,” said Michael Venturini, marketing director, coatings for Sun Chemical. “Our design study ranged from reds, greens and blues to blacks and warmer earth tones, and uses some of our new and existing pigments in combination, showing the unique benefits of these new pigments.

“We can hit the color points for all of these uses, which differentiates us from our competitors,” Venturini noted. “We are expanding our black color space with pearlescent blacks and our Sun Mica Deep Black.”

Sun Chemical’s new pigments run the gamut in uses, including solventborne, waterborne, powder coatings, interiors and exteriors.

“These are ideal for markets ranging from automotive, personal watercraft, home décor toys and high-end packaging,” Verturini said. “We have shown this to several customers, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Interestingly, it is driving business to new pigments as well as a revival of some of our more traditional shades.”